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Choose WCATY because you’ll:

  • Challenge yourself beyond your current limits
  • Forge lifelong friendships
  • Feed your sense of wonder and curiosity
  • Learn more about yourself and your abilities
  • Give your parents and siblings a chance to miss you
  • Be on the cutting edge of current knowledge
  • Have a great topic to talk about when you get asked “What did you do this summer?”
  • Foster independence and a sense of autonomy
  • Gain mentors in the Badger community and learn more about campus life
  • Join a lifelong community of eternally curious geeks

The thing I loved about my class was that it totally transformed me. It brought me out of my shell, vanquished my nerves while boosting my confidence, and essentially made me unafraid to do anything.

The WCATY experience is unique because it is a family of loving, accepting nerds who can do the most fantastic things together. I have built many lifelong friendships at camp, and we bond more quickly in days than we could in months outside of camp. During activities, I have bonded with many people and had lots of fun, geeky, and creative experiences. I have learned how to love, express myself, and harness my intellectual abilities at WCATY. I love WCATY because it has grown me as a human being.

Edie R., WCATY Participant