WCATY lamp

What does the image of the WCATY lamp conjure up for you? Is it a genie’s lamp, used to grant wishes and transport you to magical lands? How about the lamp as a source of enlightenment, igniting the flame of knowledge within us all?

Can the idea of the lamp be comprised of both these ideals; a lamp of knowledge that inspires us to explore our own intellectual curiosity — traveling through time and space, limitless in the possibility of new ideas and awareness?

As a part of the WCATY community, we invite you to embark upon your own hero’s journey, using the inspiration of the lamp as your guide to begin what we hope will be a lifelong quest for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world around you.

The WCATY experience is, and can be, all that you make of it. You already have the tools you will need to succeed; curiosity, imagination, the desire to learn, and a supportive community of like-minded teachers and friends. So take a chance, rub the magic lamp, and see where WCATY will lead you!