I sincerely think that WCATY is one of the biggest factors in how I have developed as a person, and it can only help me as I continue to grow. Beyond creating a network with others who share a passion for learning and solving problems, WCATY also encourages students to adapt to new challenges, and reach for excellence.

Harrison T., WCATY Alumnus

Being a WCATY kid is one of the greatest feelings in life. It is, in its very essence, being a learner. WCATY kids learn for the fun of learning, and we learn for each other. No one at WCATY goes to WCATY for themselves; at least, not at first. Two minutes into the experience, there is no question about it—WCATY kids go to WCATY for each other. We learn about how much we mean to each other, how little we truly understand about the world, and how instrumental each of us are to understanding. Being a WCATY kid is something that never stops, no matter how old you get.

Rikki R., WCATY Alumna

Not only has WCATY provided me with an advanced learning experience that I would not have at school, it has also given me a space where I can fit in and belong.

Robin A., ALP Participant

I learned more in a week than I would learn in a whole school year.

Emily E., YSSP Participant

WCATY is special because it’s a learning environment where people care about teaching you, not evaluating you.

Mira P., ALP Participant

Everyone here is super friendly, and all of the people here are willing to be friends with you no matter how you sound or look.

Logan P., STEP Participant