Employment Opportunities

WCATY works with over 120 instructors and staff members. Multiple employment opportunities become available each year. More information about current WCATY positions can be found on the student job center.


WCATY instructors work closely with program directors and curriculum specialists to design rigorous and innovative courses specifically for gifted and talented students. If you are interested in becoming a WCATY instructor, please contact us at wcaty@wisc.edu. WCATY hires instructors for winter and summer opportunities, so feel free to contact WCATY at any time.

Curriculum Developers

If you have an idea for a future WCATY class, submit your three-to-four paragraph proposal to wcaty@wisc.edu. Submit your proposal by October 1 for your idea to be considered for the upcoming summer program season.

Educational Assistants

Educational Assistants for WCATY programs support their instructor and students so that the instructional program is well prepared and learners have a quality educational experience.

Residential Assistants

Residential Assistants for WCATY summer programs are responsible for student recreation outside of the classroom.

UW–Madison Student Workers

In order to successfully run its programs, WCATY heavily relies on the skills of UW–Madison student workers over the summer, as well as during the school year. Typical student worker projects include data analysis, editing, and general program assistance. Visit the student job center.