Financial Aid/Scholarship

A limited amount of need-based financial aid funds are available. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide scholarships to international students at this time.

GEM Financial Aid/Scholarship

If you are applying for Growing Early Minds, submit the GEM financial aid application. If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch at school, please also complete section 2 of the form. You will need to have a school administrator sign the section, so please plan ahead and make sure to have the form signed before returning it to WCATY.

PACE, STEP, or ALP Financial Aid/Scholarship

If you are applying for PACE, STEP, or ALP and are eligible for free or reduced lunch, submit the DPI Financial Aid Form.

If you are applying for PACE, STEP, or ALP and are not eligible for free or reduced lunch, WCATY offers a very limited number of need-based, partial scholarships. To apply for a need-based, partial scholarship, please submit the first page of the 1040 form of the most recent year’s tax return. If extenuating circumstances (i.e. loans, loss of employment) are not reflected on tax return but are affecting your family’s finances, please also submit a letter of explanation.

Important Dates for Financial Aid

The deadline for all summer financial aid applications is April 10. Winter GEM financial aid is due January 10. WCATY cannot allocate aid to students who have not been admitted to a program*. As such, the student’s program application (including application fee and supporting documentation, such as their grade report, etc.) must be completed by April 10 as well.

*Application materials can still be submitted after the financial aid deadline, but the student will not be eligible for the aid.

Notification of Aid

Families will be notified of decisions via written letter prior to the first tuition payment due date. WCATY is committed to making an allocation of financial aid funds to allow the largest possible number of students to attend our programs. Families will be required to submit their intent to accept financial aid. Failure to do so by the deadline posted in your award letter may result in a loss of partial or full aid award.

Financial Aid Policies

Applications will be reviewed by WCATY’s Financial Aid Committee. All requests will be answered and maintained in confidentiality. As part of the application process, please remember:

  • Wisconsin students are given preference for scholarship aid, but it is available to everyone.
  • Applicants should first check with school officials to see if local monies are available for program costs.
  • Applicants should inquire about local financial support through businesses, service organizations, etc.
  • All materials supporting your application must be received by WCATY no later than the financial aid deadline.
  • Applicants will be notified of awards before the first payment deadline of May 15.
  • Aid is determined by analyzing family income and extenuating economic circumstances according to the Income Eligibility Guidelines used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s School Lunch Program.
  • Available funds for financial aid vary from year to year and past aid awards may not be an indication of current available support.
  • Each financial aid recipient will be required to write a thank-you letter to his/her sponsors and provide WCATY with copies of the letter(s) as a condition of final approval.
  • Additional information (essay, interview, phone conversation, etc.) may be requested from students and/or families prior to notification of aid.