WCATY students playing music on quad

WCATY is dedicated to supporting students who are searching for an additional level of challenge. We aim to provide students with a unique learning experience that will appeal to their curiosity and desire to learn while supporting their growth outside of the classroom.

Early Learner Program Eligibility

The Growing Early Minds (GEM) program is available to early learners who may or may not have been identified as advanced. It offers these students an entry-level challenge and engagement opportunity to discover their curiosity. It is also designed to provide a resource and community for parents and students who are searching for a way to stimulate young minds outside of a traditional classroom setting.

As such, we ask you to submit one of the following supporting documents that will best illustrate why you and your child are interested in the program:

  • grade report
  • teacher/activity advisor recommendation
  • standardized test scores or
  • student work sample

Enrichment Program Eligibility

Our Precollege Academic Campus Experience (PACE), and Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP) are qualified as enrichment courses. They are designed to give students a chance to explore an advanced content area that they may or may not have experienced before. Students will receive an overview of the topic area while participating in field trips and hands-on content that supports their studies. Courses will challenge students to think broadly, work in groups with their peers, and continue to develop their love of learning. Students do not receive letter grades; instead, they are provided with a growth-based evaluation and receive feedback on their performance in predetermined areas specific to the class they choose.

You will be asked to show general eligibility through the submission of a grade report and personal statement and a letter of recommendation. You may also submit one or more of the following supporting documents:

  • National or local standardized grade-level achievement test showing advanced achievement,
  • Coursework in a topic similar to the course you are applying for,
  • Additional letters of recommendation from a teacher or academic counselor describing academic success and motivation in the classroom.

Accelerated Learning Program Eligibility

The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) is for high school students and is designed for deeper exploration of a concentrated topic. To be considered for admission, students must demonstrate outstanding academic ability and motivation to engage in in-depth study of one subject.

Students have the opportunity to work with their school to receive high school credit for each course and will be graded in accordance with that plan. Courses are offered at two levels, introductory and advanced.

Eligibility for the Accelerated Learning Program will be demonstrated in the same ways as our enrichment programs. New students are encouraged to submit at least one supporting document in addition to the grade report and personal statement in order to give the admissions team a stronger idea of academic achievement and motivation.